About us

How can urban planning and real estate development contribute to communal life? How do we create spaces that enhance our wellbeing? Can worklife balance be built into walls?

These are just some of the questions that drive us at SquareMeter. Our vision is to enhance the dialogue within real estate development. We believe that a sense of wellbeing and pro-active community building should be at the core of our projects. Because we want to look at communal living from every angle, our team is one of the most diverse and creative in real estate development today. We want to create properties and neighbourhoods with you as a co-resident, co-worker, co-developer and co-investor.


We want to create properties and neighbourhoods with you as a co-resident, co-worker, co-developer and co-investor.

Brøndbyøster Boulevard

Under development
Student accommodation
+500 units

Finsensvej 84

Under development
Student accommodation
+100 units

Gammel Kongevej

Under development
Serviced Office
+600 desks


Under project development

Hauser Plads

Under development
Serviced Office 
+600 desks

Finsensvej 80

Under development
Student accommodation
+100 units

What we do

We believe in neighbourhoods and their positive impact on urban wellbeing and progress.

Contact us to know more about SquareMeter and how we work at info@squaremeter.dk


It takes a village to create social changes. We are proud to partner up with a number of international and domestic experts, who share our values.

Get to know us

The desire to make a difference is a powerful catalyst for change. Our vision is for SquareMeter to contribute to positive change. Building on a career in finance and real estate in the UK and Denmark, I aspire to use my experience to create better and more coherent and inclusive spaces. Spaces and buildings, which encourage a sense of community and are positive drivers in the local environment. I started my career with the principal trading desk at Goldman Sachs in London in and subsequently held similar roles at Nomura, Merrill Lynch and Danish pension fund ATP. I co-founded SquareMeter with Morten Wismann in 2017.

SquareMeter is different. We are passionate about making a positive impact on people’s lives by creating the right kind of space for community through activities, mutual trust and shared responsibility. Since I started my career in real estate 20 years ago, this is what I’ve been working towards. I have been actively involved with real estate development since 1995. During this time, I have developed a diverse and innovative range of more than 400 residential homes throughout Denmark in partnership with Danish pension funds and family offices. In 2017, I co-founded SquareMeter with Lars Jensen.

Valuing personal service is a way of demonstrating that you care. This is at the very core of our mission at SquareMeter. We care about wellbeing. We care about foste- ring community and designing space for individuals to prosper and grow. These are our main messages to tenants, partners, stakeholders, neighbours and investors. I have worked in service all my life, mainly in the hospitality industry. Prior to joining SquareMeter, I held the post General Mana- ger of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, the post of General Manager at Sølyst and subsequently managed the luxury brand Nimb Hotel, Events and restaurants in Tivoli.

I was initially attracted to SquareMeter because of the people who work here. It is incredibly motivating to work with people driven by passion and with the mission of investing and creating sustainable commu- nities. Also, I believe that the way we look at service is innovative and refreshing for this business. Prior to joining SquareMeter, I took part in a rotation program at Nimb, Tivoli, allowing me to gain a thorough knowledge of the company and how the different entities work together. I have a solid foundation from Copenhagen Business School, where I specialized in languages, cultures and service management.

A building is just a frame. It’s what you put in there that matters. People with interests, skills and curiosity. Rooms designed for conversation. Interior architecture that makes you feel you belong. SquareMeter Design is aiming to take real estate development beyond buildings and onto social change. I have always had a passion for craftsmanship and I love design that has a purpose beyond being beautiful. I have held and am holding Creative Director positions in companies such as FALKE, Saga Furs and Royal Copenhagen.

I believe in relations and communication among people. Together at The Mark, residents as well as staff, we are creating a community. My greatest task is to make the residents at The Mark feel welcome and part of a community that embraces diversity in personalities, backgrounds and interests. Creating events of all sorts and connecting people is my favorite task. Any challenge a resident must have is a challenge to be solved. Maybe I can’t solve every challenge myself, but by creating a community at The Mark, I promise the solution will be found.

Working in a small but growing firm like Square Meter gives me the opportunity to put my own touch on things. I get to apply what I have learned from my classes in economics and get a feel of how it works in the real world. I have been given great responsibility and inspiring work involving sustainability and investment projects. I strive to give back to the team as well as I feel that my employers have my development in mind.

Working at SquareMeter as a law-student assistant is both challenging and inspiring. I have gotten the opportunity to be an active part of a growing project, where the journey brings exiting challenges to everyone involved. Since day one I have felt like an important part of the team as I have been given a great responsibility in the projects I am working on. At work I know that my job is important and that my colleagues rely on me and that we rely on each other’s common, and that is what I enjoy most and inspires me about SquareMeter.

The responsibility to solve the challenges that arise at The Mark for the residents and in the day-to-day operations, makes my work amazing. I am service-minded, and I always want to help where I can make a difference. Personal relationships are very important to me and it is great to have daily contact with the residents at The Mark. Being part of the Square Meter family, allows me to have insight into all aspects of the business and the continuing improvements, both in relation to the construction of buildings, but also to the social initiatives that make our “community” the best.

At Square Meter we are passionate about creating healthy communities and raise overall wellbeing. We work hard to be at the forefront of meeting the needs and wishes of our tenants and create sustainable property infrastructure that makes people thrive. Before joining Square Meter I have extensive project management experience primarily in NGOs. My professional scope comprises strategic communication and implementation, consumer reach and stakeholder relations. Much of my focus has been establishing collaborations and building networks of volunteers in civil society.

My passion is to process impressions and create images that communicate a special mood or atmosphere. Therefore, I am always curious and love to observe people and my surroundings. At Square Meter I find it inspiring to be part of a team of passionate and talented people who all share the same values. Together we use architecture, design, art and photography as a catalyst for positive, social change. Currently I also work for Nimb, Tivoli and Sølyst.

I strongly believe in theory put into practice and a strategic focus on what Square Meter can offer today that the market wants tomorrow. As equity partner in Square Meter I’m highly motivated about creating positive and sustainable change in the area of property development. I am especially passionate about making sure Square Meter at all times embrace the latest technological development within prop.tech and IoT as the enabler to reach the overall goals of social and environmental sustainability in our value-based communities.

As Architectural Technologist and Construction Management student, I am fortunate to work with a very passionate and motivated team at Square Meter, where I am enjoying the opportunity to be involve in design and coordinate in different construction projects. It complements my study very well, in which I am learning to adopt sustainable construction methods from concept phase to completion, using the latest technology in building information modeling. I am excited to use my theoretical knowledge and apply it to industry practice and thus gain practical experiences. Personally, I have a strong interest in architecture, mathematics, drawing and design with an excellent eye for detail.

Communities, people and stories are at the core of everything we do at Squaremeter. That’s why telling the stories is so important. I am passionate about creating social environments that extend beyond buildings and concrete, and transform spaces so that they embrace not only our physical well-being, but us as humans. I myself work with visual communication, both photography and videography with a background within Comparative Litteratur and International Business Communication. On a daily basis I tell the stories of our communities and highlight our shared activities towards creating spaces that foster human connection, mutual trust and social value.